Classes Available

Gymnastics are exercises which enhance development and display of physical coordination and agility. To make our classes more beneficial to different fitness level, we divide the classes by age group and capability level.

Kid Gymnastics

Basic-level gymnastic program. Suitable for children of 3-5 years, allowing them to have fun and improve physical coordination.

Ballet Class

Our ballet class is for girls aged 3 to 8 years old. By joining the program, your kid will be trained in body coordination, improve physical health and be mentally focused

Adult Gymnastics

This class is suitable for adults aged 16 years old and above. If you are looking to enhance your physiques, improve flexibility, have fun and improve stamina, this is the perfect physical activities to meet your needs!

Holiday Camps

Join our holiday camps and enjoy healthy bonding with other students. Participate in interactive activities and improve social skills

Competitive Gymnastics

If your child has display great performance, your child will be invited to our competitive gymnastics. This is by invitation only