Gymnastics for Adult - Adult Gymnastics Class

Come join our adult vaulting class that unites change, flexibility, expanding and quality while keeping up and updating your aerobatic limits. The extreme practice that manages each tissue in your flesh and makes vaulting aptitudes to all ages.

Below are the details for our Gymnastics for Adult Class :


Day: Every Tuesday, Saturday
Time:7.30pm to 9pm(Tue), 7pm to 8.30pm (Sat)
Venue: Orchid Country Club (Yishun) 


Enjoyable, careful and striving for the vaulting for gymnastics for adult necessities to experience an empowering strategy to work out. When you choose to join gymnastics for adult, your muscle will exhibit inconceivable and your buddies will be awed.


Expanding, bouncing, moving, and plunging all bit of a general physical arrangement that can decrease the threat of various diseases. Our lesson coordinated by prosperity affirmed instructors is a phenomenal opportunity to keep up a vital separation from the “standard exercise focus” and get perfectly healthy in a pleasant circumstance. We furthermore give a private and hands-on preparing condition with a most extraordinary social event.


Stages will be coordinated by the latter refined coaches give nourishment to everyone, from a man expecting to endeavor handstands all of a sudden to an ex-tumbler. In the midst of the room, one will have the ability to utilize the ground and air-floor and furthermore blocks, canvases, lace, silks, trampoline, and columns.