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One of the leading Singapore Gymnastics academy which aims to provide best training in the art of gymnastics and dance under one roof

What is Asia Gymnastics and Dance Academy?

The leading Singapore Gymnastics Academy

Incepted in 2009, Asia Gymnastics Academy is one of the few Singapore Gymnastics school that was started in Bukit Timah Horse City, focused solely on Gymnastics training.

In 2012, Asia Gymnastics & Dance Academy was set up in Yishun, Orchid Country Club offering Ballet, becoming the first gym in Singapore to offer both Gymnastics & Ballet under one roof.


Gymnastics and Ballet are both physical activities that require balance, flexibility and stability. They also focus heavily on coordination and executing specific moves with precision while exercising grace and artistry.

Gymnastics are suitable for people who love dynamic workout while Ballet are suitable for those who prefers more grace and control accompanied by music.

Many gymnasts take up dance classes such as Ballet to hone their body control which helps them with dance moves on the floor and other apparatus. On the other hand, dancers take up Gymnastics and tumbling classes to hone their coordination and flexibility.

To decide better, you will have to try both activities.