What is Asia Gymnastics and Dance Academy?

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Everyone can benefit from an active lifestyle that involves participating in any kind of sport. In Singapore, gymnastics and dancing are among of those sports that continues to find its way into contemporary culture hence more and more people are willing to explore this modern sport as a way to improve their fitness. Asia Gymnastics and Dance Academy (AGDA) provides the platform for everyone to participate in active and healthy lifestyles.

AGDA is the first in Singapore to offer both Gymnastics and Dance under one roof. Dance and Gymnastics help train the mind and body, helping one to develop strength, grace and co-ordination.

We aim to provide students the best training in the art of gymnastics and dance with the help of experienced trainers and coaches. It is founded by Ms. Chew Soo Poh, a master in the art of dancing herself with a handful experience of 23 years in teaching.

AGDA aims to inculcate among children an essence of disciplined behavior, perseverance, and commitment towards their goals by training their mind and body with the help of an art of gymnastics and dance.

Our Singapore Gymnastics classes and dance classes are run by experienced and qualified coaches. Hence this will ensure that students will be well guided and their learning will be accelerated.


It is never to late to start learning something new and transform your body

Classes for all ages

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